Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mayo Chiki! Chapter 24

So, my internet's back! It only took 6 days, and constantly pestering AT&T. This is a brand new project of ours. We'll be helping simhauu release the series faster, since before she was just on her own, and she's fairly busy with school.

This is a joint project with simhauu.

This is also our first official release with IRC downloads again! A very, very big thanks to Vaetrian for lending us his XDCC bot. Just like before, all releases by us will be uploaded to IRC for download first, so if you want to see releases as early as possible, though it's only about 5-10 minutes before it hits MF/Batoto, then idle in the IRC room~

Mediafire | IRC: !chiki24 | Read Online

Billionaire Girl 6 is translated. In the process of typesetting it. Should be done tonight, but dunno when it'll be released


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