Saturday, January 5, 2013

Seven Sisters! Chapter 5

So, this kinda snuck it's way in, but here's Seven Sisters!

In Bura's remaining redraws turned out to be considerably more time consuming than I would've liked. Become pretty apparent I wasn't going to be able to finish them and get Dansai Bunri 16 out today, so I instead went to Seven Sisters. In Bura tomorrow. I only have 4 pages left with redraws, but they combine for 16 total redraws. Most of which are no easy task. This chapter has almost as much redraws as the Kimi wa Midara chapters do. ;_;

Anyway, enjoy the release!

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Kimi wa Midara's last chapter, five, has been translated. It will be released next week some time. Pajama 26 will also be next week, as well as the last two Naisho chapters. Gonna finish 3 series in a week \o/

Perowan's final volume has also been proofread, thanks to PervySageChuck. Just gotta finish the editing.

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