Monday, January 7, 2013

Work, and Delays

So, Crime Edge 16 and In Bura 9 have been a little late. This is because I've been getting calls to do odd jobs for my company. We haven't actually started working full time yet, that's not until mid-February, but the problem is that I don't get asked about these jobs very far in advance, and the jobs take up most if not all of the day. I'm not going to turn down any work either, as I do need the money, and I enjoy the work and the people. Anyway, the two chapters will be out later tonight. They're largely complete so it won't take too long to finish them up.

At the moment, I know I will be working on the 10th and 13th. Chances are, more are going to come as well. This means there will be no releases any of those days. As these jobs are rather sporadic and I have no way to plan for them, I'm not going to be putting a weekly release schedule up in the gadget anymore. It'll just show releases coming for the whole month, and when I know exactly when a release will come, it'll show. At the moment, I've only really got a general idea of when stuff will be out, but just can't plan it for specific weeks.

I am sorry for the delays and the like, but it's been rather unavoidable.

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