Saturday, February 23, 2013

Kaitai Shinsho Ø Chapters 66-69 End

Here are the final four chapters of Kaitai Shinsho. Thanks to PROzess for translating the final chapters of the series, so it could finally see its conclusion scanlation-wise. Took a little longer because I forgot the scanlator tribute page at the end of the last chapter, so I had to go through all the previous chapter credit pages first.

New links for chapter 64/65 are for updated credits page only. I'm very picky about that. They're not a v2 or a rerelease.

Enjoy the releases!

Chpater 64 - MEGA | IRC: !kaitaizero64 | Read Online
Chapter 65 - MEGA | IRC: !kaitaizero65 | Read Online
Chapter 66 - MEGA | IRC: !kaitaizero66 | Read Online
Chapter 67 - MEGA | IRC: !kaitaizero67 | Read Online
Chapter 68 - MEGA | IRC: !kaitaizero68 | Read Online
Chapter 69 [End] - MEGA | IRC: !kaitaizero69 | Read Online


  1. >QC fails
    >empty bubbles in last chapter
    >TSer fail since it was correctly translated, but the TSer decided to TS two bubbles in one.


    1. It figures stuff like that happens when I leave that to someone else...


    2. That's why I read over every release I make myself.
      Even if I don't credit myself as "QC".
      The suffering of being the boss T_T

  2. kaitai_shinsho_zero_068_21 empty bubble(on purpose?) and
    page kaitai_shinsho_zero_069_18 is mising
    Anyway thank you for completing the manga

  3. Props on finishing it. Never thought I'd see the day. Now to kick Kundum back into shape and get Josei Danshi worked on again :D

  4. Thanks for the chapters^^