Wednesday, February 27, 2013


So, I am off all of next week. Which, means lots of releases once this week's work is finished on Thursday. I had originally intended to have Locklear release Crime Edge while I was working this week, but I found that the chapters need a lot more work on them, so wasn't able to complete QCing them.

What all will be coming, I can't really specify because we're getting our magazine order real soon, which means work on all the stuff from those magazines will start as well. What I do know will be released at the moment during my off week though, is:

At least one chapter of In Bura, Mayo Chiki, Sexual Hunter Riot, Perowan, Crime Edge, Nozomi x Kimio, and Harvest December. Anyway, just a small update since I found this out today.


  1. I am a little saddened that my series was pushed back a month or more.... Still, I remember you guys saying it would take a while to do.

    But you guys do such good work.
    Keep with it!

    1. With working on over 9000 different series at the same time, it's only obvious some stuff gets pushed back^^

    2. I understand and respect this.

      I just have a bad habit on not being able to comment on everything, its less me being rude or ungrateful, just me being unable to stop "talking" whenever a hat drops.

      You (Taking part in... just about every scanlation group I have seen?) and Derek in particular are basically release spewing stars of the translation world, as I have seen, and I respect that, I even kept the name out to avoid putting on pressure.

      Do understand, I really am grateful for you guys, and I acknowledge that there is issues that come up, workload, people having lives, and...... Then third party nonsense comes in.

      You twos groups are also amongst the two groups with the most honest practices I have seen: Not dropping works due to site costs/viewership (And going out of their way to revive them, for here,) and doing it for things like official translations showing up (Definitely Janpanzai,) or...

      Being as win win to everyone else as you possibly can be, possibly at detriments to yourselves (Due to site costs.)

      Hence why I watch your groups instead of going to aggregator site #3324 and reading up.

      Of course, now I am rambling to keep from causing a total misunderstanding (Why can't explaining things via text be as easy or compact as standing on a table and proclaiming it to the ceiling, I wonder.)

  2. Very happy to hear that a new chapter of In Bura is finally coming! Keep up the good work.