Thursday, February 7, 2013

Kaitai Shinsho Zero 64 & 65

Another day, another release.

Thanks to Prozess for translating this series to completion for us. It ends soon. I don't know much about it, but more manga is always better! Prozess is a godsend to this community and he doesn't get enough love.

Kaitai Shinsho Zero Ch 64
Mediafire | IRC: !kaitaizero64 | Read Online

Kaitai Shinsho Zero Ch 65
Mediafire | IRC: !kaitaizero65 | Read Online

Some more series will be coming over the next few days, as well as 66 and 67 of this series.


  1. Thank you guys and Prozess. We will finally see the competition of this series.

  2. woohoo! Thank you Prozess and Renzokusei! I've been waiting for this to be completed.

  3. Wow I never thought this series would see the light of day again.

    Thank you so much to Renzokusei! for picking it up and of course the almighty Prozess. May loli's forever rain from the heavens upon him.

  4. Thanks for the chapters

  5. You write my name wrong and everyone copies it^^

    Pretty obvious though that the post wasn't from Derek.