Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sorairo Square 6 & 6.5

Hello again!

It's unc15, your friendly local translator.

Today, I bring you one of my favorite series, Sorairo Square. I don't really know why I like the series, but for some reason it just pulls at the heartstrings! This update will feature a chapter that I already released, but with much higher quality raws. Furthermore, it includes a little prelude story that came with the tank as well as the author's note. I hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 7 should be coming soon and chapter 8 is already translated. We will be scanning this series to completion. Thanks!

Sorairo Square Ch 6
 Mediafire | IRC: !sorairo6 | Read Online

Sorairo Square Ch 6.5 Prelude
 Mediafire | IRC: !sorairo6.5 | Read Online



  1. OMG I was wondering what happened to this series, it was just sitting in my bookmarks while I was looking at the raws, THANK YOU!!

    Btw.....About the hosting policy..I was reading it on batoto and went to and what do you know..

  2. mangafox and many other leechers run a bot that trawls batoto and scanlator sites to put on their own sites. we can't do much about it =/

  3. Also, sucks to be the readers on mangafox who are stuck with the old bad raws i used originally. They should use batoto instead.

  4. They're bloody hypocrites, I bet if I put a comment on their forums saying this they would ban me.

    If you don't know, they steal the "big 3" mangas from Mangastream.
    They translate their own shitty version, then reupload when Mangastream releases their one.

    You can't even mention "mangastream" on their forums as well, it shows up as *********** dafuq?