Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ore to Ichino no Game Doukoukai Katsudou Nisshi Chapter 3

Been a little bit, but here's chapter 3 of Ore to Ichino! For those not already aware, the manga has ended. The last actual chapter is 15, but there is an "extra" which appeared in the issue released in December, but that just basically announced that the manga had ended. Next chapter introduces the second heroine finally.

Special thanks to Josh from Okami no Fansub for some redraws in this chapter. We'll be working with them on In Bura as well.

Also, a reminder, The Reader's Choice event ends in 2 days!

Enjoy the release!

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Also, some news for people who read Kimi wa Midara. In the latest Weekly Young Jump, there is a special chapter of Kimi wa Midara that's 17 pages long. We will be doing it. Got the raws already, and they've been sent to Kuma for TL. Keeping with the original, it's also got more redraws than it does pages, though.

Here's the chapter cover page. I'd like to note, the cover is not indicative of what's actually in the chapter, unfortunately. Though me and Jag are thinking that there are going to be more special chapters like this, so hopefully we'll see it.

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