Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Play! Chapter 7

The first chapter from Wangan Scans that we finished up! This one had everything done for it except typeset, and given that it's so short I did it real quick to get it out there. This is not a joint project with Wangan. Wangan is no longer an active group, we are just finishing up the work that manic requested of us.

Once again, we are not picking this series up on a permanent basis at this time. Any other group is welcome to pick up the series. Should it not be picked up by the time we're able to do more series, we'll do it then, but when that will be, I can not say for certain.

Also, a reminder, The Reader's Choice event ends in 2 days!

Enjoy the release!

MEGA | IRC: !play7 | Read Online

ps That was the worst "break" ever :(. First two days I was working, and after that I was cleaning Sorairo and Yuricam. Though I did get to play and beat Uncharted 3 finally...


  1. Thanks for the release!

    I hope you, or some other group, picks up this project on a permanent basis as it's a fun series and, at only 4 volumes in length, shouldn't take too long to complete.

  2. Yeah, it's a very good series. Hope you guys can pick up this one permanently, I'm pretty sure everyone who dropped the manga because there where no new releases would be pleased.

    Thanks again, it was a great chapter.

  3. sweet! it's been so long since the last translated chapter!