Friday, February 22, 2013

Some Updates

Kaitai Shinsho - The chapters weren't released while I was at work this week because unc had something come up and now he's going to Tokyo, so he wasn't able to do it. Final 4 chapters will be put out tonight.

Saijou no Meii - We have received the green light from Trinity BAKumA to continue doing it. roankun has agreed to translate it, and first release should be next month. Trin BAKu had some unused HQ raws for the series, so I've requested permission to use those as well, as the public scans available for the series are not debound. I'll use LQ raws to a point, but anything not debound, I just will not use.

In Bura - Got the scans for chapters 12 and 12.5. They were both in the latest issue of Champion Red. Also, adding onto the surprise of an extra chapter in the issue, was the fact that the extra chapter, 12.5, did not censor nipples. All the girls were featured in the extra chapter except the church loli.

Have no idea what's up with the TLs for 10 and 11. Sent a message to fluppi this morning, but it's been about a month since we last talked. They're both clean now but without a script, can't really do anything.

Mayo Chiki - Chapter 25 was translated while I was at work, and I cleaned it slowly over the week when I was in my hotel, so it's all clean. Just gotta do the redraws and typeset it. Chapter 25 once again includes just an amazingly hnnnng inducing spread. Hoping to get it out this weekend. It'll be done, just a matter of being able to get ahold of simhauu so we can release it.

Billionaire Girl - I was sent the raws for chapter 7 while I was away at work as well. Cleaning has started, and unc does have the raws, so hopefully he'll be able to do it while in Tokyo.

Puppy Lovers - It was pointed out to me by ER that the release date for volume 2 was changed on Amazon from September 30 2012 to September 30 2013. I have absolutely no idea why that was done, or if it was intentional. Assuming that is the actual release date, the only conclusion we could come to is that it's because the manga is full color. Otherwise, it seems considerably odd to have an exact release date available 7 months prior, much less allowing pre-orders that far in advance. Regardless, the tank has been paid for, so whenever it does come out, hopefully sooner rather than later, we will get it.

Also, a thanks to the person who donated on the 20th.

I forgot to include Perowan

Perowan - It's been far too long with no contact from jH from ScansRemix (once in the past 2 months), so I uploaded the cleans for the final volume of the series on Monday, and the typesetters here are working on it, as well as myself. I'll still be releasing it as a three way joint, largely out of respect to ScansRemix as they started the scanlation, and despite most of the work being done outside of their group, I still consider it their project, and because the raws for volume 3 were paid for by jH. Regardless, going to attempt to release the final chapters by the end of the month.


  1. Nice update about Perowan, hopefully I'll be able to finish another series by the end of the month then.
    I meant to ask you about it yesterday, when I stopped by your IRC, but ended up forgetting about it, well looks like I didn't have to anyway.

    On the other hand, if I may ask a question, whats the status of RealPG 15?

  2. First Nozomi, now InBura...
    Stuff really only gets real when I drop it...

    1. If fluppi doesn't answer, send me the raws.

  3. Oh right, unc won a trip to japan.
    Dat lucky bastard!!