Sunday, February 17, 2013

Strike the Blood Chapter 4

Another new series for us! The series itself is not new, but we're taking the series over courtesy of ER, who is both the raw provider and translator for it. It probably would've been a lot longer until we grabbed this if not for jagman who randomly started talking about wanting to do the series one day, and then I asked once bugged ER to let us do it. I had asked about it previously but he was on the fence.

This is a joint project with Psylocke Scans.

Dropbox | IRC: !strike4 | Read Online

I go back to work full time this week. While I'm gone, unc will be releasing the final 4 chapters of Kaitai Shinsho.


  1. thx alot guys!! man..., it's been a while since i see a new chapter..

  2. one of the better reads and a great start, love to read the rest soom.