Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sorairo Square. Chapter 8

Wow, we are really moving fast on these Sorairo Square updates. Much credit goes to Derek, Locklear, Pacman2, and all other the other good folk here at Renzokusei Scans. As we said early, our aim is to get this series done at a fast but reliable rate!

Enjoy and don't forget to make a donation if you want to help us get more manga raws!

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The tribulations of Miyuki continue as a conniving new girl enters the mix to throw a wrench into this race for Shuichi's heart!


  1. This is an interesting question I would like to ask:
    If a publisher approached you, and said "Hey, as long as you encouraged people to buy print publications to support the author of your works, we are fine with you continuing your work."

    Would you comply?

    If they asked you if you could work in an add-service that would benefit the publisher into your operations?

    A thin, one or two page digital "flyer" before or after where most groups put the scanlation group credits?

    Using an upload service, or online reader that earns the original author money through adds?
    - If it respected your needs to pay for your own server costs?
    - If it was unintrusive, using add banners to make money?
    - If it relied on donations?

    This is simply out of curiosity, as a lot of people seem to think that scanlator groups are outright malicious.

    I believe that this is not the case. That you would help, and chip in if you were given the opportunity to do so.

    This is all assuming that the terms of service didn't eliminate your freedom, or privacy.

    1. Assuming a publisher approached us and would knowingly allow us to continue our work, I'd more or less comply with any other request they had.

    2. Yeah...

      You would be surprised at how hard it was to convince people in *Someplaces* that scanlators (All, not even most,) were not malicious money-grabbers.

      Some groups..... Totally evil. Requiring commissions, Dropping series for not drawing profit (On the last chapter of a series, even.)

      Not the norm.
      You guys are better then consumers and publishers paint you out to be.

      Of course, I shouldn't really be surprised, given how long I have been following scanlation.
      The people behind it have been looking for a shard of respect for years, however long it took for me to reaffirm that you guys really would like nothing more then to legitimately follow your hobbies in most cases without all the drama.

      Thank you for answering. I definitely already knew the answer, especially given how awesome this group is.

      I definitely look forward to your future releases, and I cross my fingers in hopes that I will get a chance to support the Mangakas with my purchases as well (of course, buy something I cannot read is so hard to justify.)