Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Reader's Choice I - End

So ends the first Reader's Choice event! The winner is...

Saijou no Meii

A big thanks to the about 200 people who voted this time around! Can't say I expected the series to win. Magetsukan Kitan and/or Kami to Sengoku Seitokai led most of the way, and Ratman and Akiba Romance both got up there towards the end. The series I was rooting for didn't get very many votes :(

Anyway, Saijou no Meii was/is a project of the group Trinity BAKumA, which conveniently enough is a group I'm a member of. Checking in on it there, they currently do not know if they are going to continue it or not. For what reasons they're uncertain about it I do not know, but I will be talking to Trin BAKu's leader about the series. So, whether we end up doing it by ourselves or with them, the series will be continued, and finished.

The Reader's Choice II starts tomorrow! Click here for full information!


  1. yay for Saijou no Meii :D
    Many thanks for this event, you guys are great

  2. YAY!
    Saijou no Meii!!! :D

  3. alright this is great

  4. Please. Anyone. Continue this project.

  5. chapters from 35 to 64 only indonesian and frech. i need english or spanish :(