Friday, February 7, 2014

Soutaisei Moteron Final Chapter

A little over a year after we first started the manga, here is the final chapter of Soutaisei Moteron! It's definitely a series I'm gonna miss working on it, even if the burning could get a bit ridiculous at times. Once again a big thanks to roankun for finishing the translation of the series, and thanks to unc15 and Eru13 for starting it.

I enjoyed the series enough that at some point I'm going to purchase the two volumes, partially in hopes that there is some extras in there, and if there is we'll release those whenever.
We've finally finished a manga that we started the scanlation of. Yisssss

Enjoy the release!

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Next up on our plate of series that we should've finished but haven't already, is Sore ga Kanojo no Seigi nara. Unfortunately due to the massive amount of work required to do Seigi nara chapters, we won't be finishing it before I go back to work like I was really hoping to do. Since Moteron is done, and we're on the verge of finishing Mayo Chiki and Otoshimono, Seigi nara has become a top priority.

The redraws for Ikebukuro 10 are complete, so once it gets translated, we'll be throwing it out pretty quickly after as it's all clean. Highschool DxD 29 is translated, so release of that should come before I head back to work.

Also in yet another series we're going to be picking up because we have a problem, we will be doing a new manga Kin no Kanojo, Gin no Kanojo. Don't know when we'll have the first chapter(s) out, but we find the premise to be very interesting. It appears to be a rom-com but based on this folktale, where instead of axes, there are girls. Also fanservice.


  1. The fuck...? So disappointing. Really liked the series too. The end's too sudden, the end was bad. It was enjoyable because of all the stupidity, but they had to go do some bad drama to end it. If you're are going to end it, don't change the tone of the story all of a sudden. Might've been better if they transitioned in the second-last chapter, but who knows, as a drama hater I'm too biased to say for sure.

    Man this series shoul've continued until they developed a real plot at least. Thanks for all the hard work, guys.

  2. Thanks a lot for all your hard work!! :)

  3. Totally agree. So Daigo points out that Hiroko has been watching Kazuya but when it comes time to confess her feelings she backs away?? Then Kazuya goes after this other girl. Really? What was the point? Very disappointing.