Sunday, March 2, 2014

Mangaka-san to Assistant-san 2 Chapter 6

This is something I wanted to do when the sequel first started a few months back, but wasn't able to because we couldn't procure HQ raws for the series at the time. Though, now we are getting Young Gangan, so we will be doing it from now on. We'll probably go back and do chapters 1-5 once volume 1 comes out, but it'll be some time before that happens.

Yes this is a release of a chapter already done by another group, but chapter 6 is the latest and they're... not doing the series too great to put it lightly.

As this is in Young Gangan, our release(s) of the series will only be at the end of each month when we get the magazines. So we'll probably often be behind the curve.

Enjoy the release!

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  1. YES! Thank you for picking this series back up!

  2. Of fckn course! Now u guys are going to do this. Let me guess.... Seigi Mara and others are going to be pushed back even further.........

  3. I find this funny. You're doing this series because you think you can do it better than the other group (which is probably true), but that also means your projects are fair game. Good luck.