Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Shomin Sample Chapter 20

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Joint with DKThias and Norway Scan.

We started out the gate pretty quickly with this, but fell a bit thanks to the lack of a proofreader. Which is unfortunately quite a bit necessary for this series, alongside DanMachi. The majority of the chapters up to the latest is clean, and most of them translated as well. Chapters 21 and 22 are both typeset and redrawn. They just need to be proofread. We do have a new proofreader for it, but I don't quite know how fast they are yet, so I can't say for certain when we'll get 21-22 out. Either way, they will be released together as planned.

Releases from us are generally going to be a bit more spaced out than they were at the end of November due to me running through that stuff so quickly. We still have a handful of scripts that haven't been released yet, but nothing at the moment that I can release really quickly because they need either TLC or redraws which I can't do myself. Though either way there should still be fairly regular releases.

I just finished cleaning Kashiwagi 63, and the redraws are relatively simple this chapter, so release for this should be later today. If not today then tomorrow, but either way, soon.


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