Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tonari no Kashiwagi-san Chapter 63

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And here's the latest Kashiwagi chapter! Things are moving a bit faster than they normally do in this manga, which is an odd feeling of "Yes things are happening! Wait, does that mean it might end soon too?"

This will be the last release of this week most likely. I'm going to another convention this weekend, though it's the 3 day YamaCon this time, and I'm leaving on Thursday, so there won't be any progress on my work or any releases from Thursday to Sunday. Scanlation work will resume as normal next Monday.

Some series updates... Sore ga Kanojo no Seigi nara 21 and 23 are fully clean, 21 mostly redrawn. Sora no Manimani 24 translated/clean and being redrawn. Kin Gin Kanojo 2 is clean and being translated. Sexual Hunter Riot 15 is clean, not translated/redrawn yet. Ikebukuro Hatsu Zensekai Yuki 11 is fully clean, and all redrawn with the exception of the color spread, typeset about 1/3rd done. Ninkoi 1 is clean and partially typeset, redraws in progress. iShoujo 5 and 6 are both almost clean. No Yumekuri this month, will return in December.


  1. Replies
    1. What about Nozomi? It's a manga, coincidentally one we work on too. I wonder if you could find information on its status in some post that's at the top of the page all the time? No, that can't be.

    2. Well technically the status wasn't updated since it was not in red :)~

  2. Thanks for the release. I'm almost happier with a series like this being relatively short as long as it gets a real ending. And I hope you enjoy Yamacon. It's one of the few cons that's close enough to where I live for me to attend, but work means I don't get to go have fun for a few months.

  3. The author better damn will do something with this chapter in the next one. At some point it would be nice if the heroine actually did something instead of being a lifeless doll.