Saturday, January 10, 2015

Bad News, Everyone.

So it turns out while I was expecting to go back to work on a full time basis around mid/late February. Turns out that idea is fucked to all hell, and it's actually started this past week. I'm gonna be home this next week (10th to 18th), and I have another week off at some point in the next several weeks, but that is it. Other than that I will be back working full time until October once again (assuming that hasn't changed too).

So, what exactly does this mean? Fucking hell dammit shit. Any and all plans we had to release a lot of stuff and very quickly this month and early next month are gone. I had wanted to do a smaller version of our Christmas release for Valentine's and/or get a really big head start on an anniversary release, but that's not gonna happen.

It also means that both work done and releases will once again be done almost entirely on weekends and be a lot less than what you guys saw the previous two months. Chances are there will be more releases than what we had been getting out while I was working last year, due to an increased amount of staff and people helping us, but my working still limits us pretty greatly as I'm our only typesetter and main cleaner. I do apologize, but there's nothing I can do, and I'm rather angry about the work just kinda being sprung on me (not to mention how much of a shit week it was).

Plunderer 1 will be released at some point this coming week. It's clean/redrawn and the translation done, just need the PR and then I'll TS and release. Gonna work on getting whatever else I can manage out this next week as well, but at the moment I'm not sure how much or what exactly it'll be.


  1. Make yo monies. Real life comes first. Be well.

  2. No worries. You gotta do what you gotta do.