Sunday, January 4, 2015

Highschool DxD Life32

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After only 2 months this time, here is the next Highschool DxD chapter. The main delay for this series now is the lack of a translator. I asked vhirx to do this chapter, but he isn't a fan of the series so I don't plan to continually ask him to do more. We have people who can do the redraws and I'm cleaning it even though I'd rather not, so releases for this will be a lot more regular if we can get a translator for it.

Also, a bit of bad news. Releases will not be as frequent as I had originally expected, as while I knew I'd have some work this month before I went back full time in February, there's a lot more than I had expected. I'm gonna be gone from today until Friday, and at least 3 days next week and the following week, if not more. There will still be releases, but not as much as I was hoping to get out. I'll be doing as much as I can up until I go back full time.

Houkago Wind Orchestra 7 has been translated. Kin Gin Kanojo 3 has been translated. Plunderer 1 is completely clean and redraws almost complete, should be translated and proofread while I'm gone for work this week. Niku Kyu 2 + Bonus redraws have been started on, but will probably be a bit until they're finished.


  1. Thanks a lot for the new chapter!! :)

  2. Sweet! Thanks for the new chapter of Highschool DXD!
    Sad to hear there is no translator for this series and that releases are going to slow down now but that's life. Keep up the great work and hope to see you guys release again sometime in the future.

  3. thanks for the release, and The hope never die :)

  4. How can you not like this series *kidding* :)

    How far are you behind? I can't find raws so I don't know.


    1. Latest chapter is 43 or 44. We're not terribly behind, but lack of a translator and a cleaner outside myself means we're not likely to catch up at any time soon.

    2. Thanks for the info. No worries. You get there when you get there. The bane of all scanlation, the translator :)

  5. There are four chapters left from volume 6 (it ends with Life 35.5). That much I know for sure from the official German volumes. Japanese volume 7 was published in december which means another seven to nine chapters. So Renzokusei is about twelve chapters behind by now.

    1. That's nothing compared to the difference between the Light Novel and Manga. LN is up to volume 19 with 20 on it's way! Yikes! FYI Season 3 of the anime will be broadcast in April (Japan).

  6. I foudn 2 manga but in Japanese, no one ever listed in on any manga website.
    Could you someday translate it? in the future? maybe after DxD BorN is aired?

    Here is the first one:
    ハイスクールD×D アクマのおしごと - Devils Job (and its not the novel one
    I found only small sample it got 100 pages!!:

    and second one that you can see in Raw is:
    click play on 最新話を読む
    Its about Issei talking with Gasper.

    I tried on baka tsuki but cannot find it there also (text only would be also good).

  7. Thank you guys. I used to do a lot of ebooks in my day (mostly technical though) so I know this sole activity can eat up your whole life, so I'm very grateful you're doing all this work! I like DxD quite a bit so I'm hoping this series won't be dropped and we'll still be enjoying more releases, even if they take time.

    Once again, otsukaresama desu