Sunday, March 29, 2015

Plunderer Chapter 3

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Joint project with MTO.

So here's the latest Plunderer. It would've been out earlier, well over a week earlier (TL/CL/RD been done for a while now), but I had been waiting on the PR, which never came, and I figured there isn't much point in waiting. Proofreading isn't exactly necessary when it comes to Demo's scripts, as there is generally not much if anything that really needs to be changed, but I like having other people look over scripts regardless.

Chapter 4 is out now in Japan, and we have the raws. At the very least it's mostly clean, but as far as I can tell it's completely clean with redraws in progress. And for chapter 4, we've got color pages once again.

There will be a bit more releases next month, as I've got a few more days off than I did this month, so yay for that.