Friday, March 27, 2015

Shomin Sample and DanMachi

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As many people are aware, around a couple weeks ago, several chapters of both Shomin Sample and DanMachi were released by ap through Batoto as "speed" scans. I add quotation marks to speed because while they were released with bad redraws and quick typesetting, they used scripts originally meant for our releases, and the Shomin Sample ones used the same exact cleans intended for our releases. Which makes the releases exceed the quality of many releases of actual scanlation groups. I requested the removal of the Shomin Sample chapters from Batoto mostly for those reasons, but not DanMachi because while the cleans weren't exactly speed scan quality, they weren't done specifically for our releases.

Anyway, this obviously angered me to no end at the time, but I mostly kept quiet regarding them, because I was mulling over what to do regarding the two series. My first thought and the loudest for some time, was to just drop the two series. Shomin Sample was a series I was going to pick up a long time ago, months before Loli Brigade or Nayuki Love did, but I wasn't able to get the people for it in enough time. So I was pretty happy when H_Dogma asked me to take it over, and DanMachi was a series I really enjoyed, and I wished to help Dragon & Griffin Scans at the time. We ended up taking that over because their leader disappeared and the group died.

I don't know why ap did what he did, nor do I particularly care at this point. Regardless, we will not be dropping either series as much as I considered it. Mainly just because I enjoy the two series too much. There's really not much of a reason for us to really continue either series besides that, as the point of scanlation is to be read by people, and the majority of our releases for the two series for several chapters now really won't be.

Yeah we're not going to be catching up to either really really fast like I'd like to, but the amount of work required to do that is a bit too much for the people and time available we have. However, due to the releases by ap, all future chapters of both series are going to be even further proofread than I've already had get done to them simply so I know they're as accurate and good as they can be. This might delay chapters a little bit more, even though both are currently stuck at redraws like usual, but I'm going even farther than the extra miles I already go to try and bring readers a good scanlation.

On this same accord, we will still be doing the Kimi wa Midara na Boku no Joou bangaihen.

For more specific updates regarding the two series;

DanMachi - Chapters 21 to 24 are clean. 23 and 24 have been clean for a while, with 21-22 being cleaned a few weeks ago. 23 and 24 are pre-typeset, but I haven't had the time to do 21-22 yet, chances are I'll end up TSing those once the redraws are completed. Past that we've run into the issue of raws. As our current method of obtaining HQ raws is buying the two Young Gangan issues at the end of the month, we've had more than a few times now where Amazon would be out of stock for an issue. We used to have a way around that, but that ceased several months back. It leaves us with two options, buying volumes specifically for 1 or 2 chapters, or using share raws. Neither of which I particularly want to do, though we'll mostly likely end up doing the former, but it's not a major problem currently as we're a bit ways off from that currently.

Shomin Sample - Chapter 26 is still mainly delayed by the opening color spread redraw. It's almost done, but hasn't been completed yet. Once that and the color spread for 28 are completed, it'll be smooth sailing from there. But until that time comes, we're just kinda stuck.


  1. Glad you not dropping Shomin Sample. I am really enjoying that manga and was upset when Loli Brigade basically died, but then was happy when you picked it up. Any chapters you release will be new for me because I didn't read the speed releases. Keep up the good work. (Also enjoying all your other releases.)

  2. Same. I didn't bother reading the Shomin Sample chapters because I'd rather wait for you guys to release them. Keep up the good work and many thanks for scanlating this series!

  3. I didn't even realize someone else had released chapters of Shomin Sample, so I'm glad to hear you're still going to continue with it. It's an fun series, and I'm enjoying the work you're doing on it.

  4. I'm glad you didn't drop it. I don't like reading from group I don't trust.

  5. What a freaking liar. Used the same exact cleans, etc? Even though most of Scanlators know the truth. Honestly, stop being a dickhead.

  6. Lololol "I don't know why ap did what he did, nor do I particularly care at this point. " I can tell you a LOT of reasons why AP did it and why so many people support him. But then again I doubt you will bother taking notice since you are a filhty liar and that is why Batoto re uploaded them (want me to remind you what you did with village idiot maybe?) Also to the ignorant that said he doesn't trust the releases by AP open your eyes and read, AP was making the translations for past releases since he runs Norway scans so wake up sheep, RZK is not the god send group... You can delete my comment I don't give a rats ass but honestly Derek just give up on scanlation you will be doing us a favor.

  7. Please derek just stop scnlating