Sunday, June 12, 2016

Yumekuri Chapter 35

And another Yumekuri chapter. For the next several chapters we're gonna be switching between digital raws and magazine raws. A big thanks to the person who got us these scans so we can continue doing the series.

The next two chapters are translated, and I'll probably release chapter 36 in the coming days. After that 37 will probably take a bit more time as it's magazine scans, but I'm hoping we can catch up on the series really quickly because these next chapters are really, really good. Though one chapter will be difficult because of some color redraws.

Also yes, we're very aware of the chapter numbers we're releasing them are different from what they are in the magazine/volume. The chapter numbers reverted themselves a while back and we kept with our numbers, and will continue to do so until we find out what all the changes are. We will be fixing this down the road once we are able to find out which chapters belong where.

I'll be releasing Ninkoi chapter 2 at some point, but that's because both the redraws and translation were completed for that. Past that I've no idea what we'll be doing with it.

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