Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Yumekuri Chapter 36

More Yumekuri. Would've done this yesterday, but I didn't want to miss watching the E3 conferences. Two more chapters are translated and I'm looking to get those out in the next week. After that we should start getting into releasing a bunch of Nozomi and some other random releases.



  1. Thank you so much for your the hard work! Looking forward for other releases!

    By the way, where can I find the picture on this page? I can't seem to find it anywhere. Thanks again!

  2. thank you yet again for another wonderful release!

  3. Hey when i was searching up who scanned Kimi wa Midara na Boku no Joou it said you guys did. Do you still update it? Anyways thank you for reading and a reply would be great if you could.

    1. The latest chapter that got published was done by Psylocke during our absence. Assuming there are every any more chapters, because its publication has been erratic and we have no idea if there will be more, yeah we'll probably do it.