Monday, May 28, 2018

Yumekuri Chapter 40v2 and 41

Chapter 40v2 - MEGA | MangaDex
Chapter 41 - MEGA | MangaDex

So it's been a while again. I became a business owner a few months back and that's taken up almost all of my time since then, but I've been poking Demo every so often to do some Yumekuri so we can get that finished and wrapped up finally. There are 2 more chapters remaining after this, which I'm hoping we can get done relatively soon.

So this is a v2 of chapter 40, but like what happened a while back with chapter 8, it is taken from the volume and has several additional pages attached to it, and it's actually completely story relevant, so you want to re-read the chapter before going into 41.

I've got volume raws for the whole series now, but given that I don't have the cleans or even scripts from the vast majority of past chapters, fixing the chapters and chapter numbers is going to be rather difficult and I'm not sure if I'll bother, unless I find that there are more chapters like with 8 and 40 where additional pages were added.

I'll be releasing something else completely different from the norm, and we'll also be finishing up another series, but outside that and about 3 or 4 chapters from a few different things, Renzokusei is essentially done for now.


  1. Thank you!!
    It's good to have news. And congratulations on your business, I hope it goes well.
    Thank you and everyone who helped on Renzokusei Scans.

  2. thanks for the chapters and good to see you back, even if only for a short while.

    good luck with your business irl

  3. Thank you very much for you effort on this Manga just binged it and I love it, pretty much on my "must buy" jap manga atm.but since my Japanese is poor I'm still in your care to translate it for all of us

  4. Hey thanks so much for continuing this series! It's so cute and i hope i can get a hardcopy version soon:) Thanks again for your hard work!