Monday, July 9, 2018

Yumekuri Chapters 42 - 44 [END]

Chapter 42 - MEGA | MangaDex
Chapter 43 - MEGA | MangaDex
Chapter 44 [End] - MEGA | MangaDex

It's been a much longer road than anticipated, but finally Yumekuri is completed, with the exception of a short bonus chapter which I imagine we'll have done soon enough. It's one of the few series I've worked on from the beginning, having worked on every chapter except the very first, and with the exception of the two chapters done by Simple Scans and a short 4 page extra translated by ER, Demo translated every chapter of it.

With Yumekuri done, currently there is only a few more chapters remaining that we'll be releasing, though dunno when that'll be.


  1. thanks a bunch for giving us the final of Yumekuri, I love the series, I really do and I'm so happy to finally reach the end. Love you guys, thanks a bunch

  2. Thanks for the scanlation. You did great job. Still missing few extra pages of after story, that happens after chapter 44.

    1. ..and hen I noticed You wrote about those missing pages..