Friday, April 20, 2012

Tonari no Kashiwagi-san Chapter 30

Luckily, I was able to do most of the typesetting for this last night, so today I get to release chapter 30! This one's got quite the ending. When I first saw the raws, I was a bit stunned once I realized what happened.

Also, I apologize for the mistakes I made with chapter 29. I was in a bit of a rush when doing it as I had to leave soon, and I wasn't able to properly QC it, so I missed a few things, and had them pointed out to me by several people. I have fixed them, and re-uploaded chapter 29 to Torako and Batoto, and Mediafire is working for me today so the MF link for 29 has been put in its release post.

Mediafire | IRC: !kashi30

Chapter 31 will NOT be released tomorrow. This is because I have a bit of work for my other groups that need completing first, and I want to hold off on catching up to the latest chapter a little bit, because once 31 is released, Kashiwagi will go to a monthly release schedule, instead of the several releases for it like this past month.

Next release will probably be Sora no Manimani. Katsudon has started the TLing for chapter 20, so once he's done and hands me the script, I'll be able to release it pretty quickly.


  1. Thanks for the release. I'm really glad you're working on this. btw, getting chocolates out of 'sympathy'? Ouch. Although it's better than nothing. :)

  2. Really Sora no Manimani?
    You are the best!
    Thanks a lot!

  3. well anyway. this manga was not about Kashiwagi-san right from the start :)))))

  4. "Next release will probably be Sora no Manimani..."
    Hmmm deli :D