Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sorairo Square 7

Hello, it's Unc15 again.

As promised, here is chapter seven of Sorairo Square so soon after our HQ release of six and the prelude. I really enjoy this series, which is why I bought the raws and am scanning them myself! 

Who will win in the end for the battle over Shuichi's heart!? Will it be the girl who has a bad case of amnesia, Miyuki!? Will it be the presumptive idol fresh from Tokyo with her newfangled ideas and hip fashion, Fumika?! You will find out, but not this early on in the series. Teehee!


Sorairo Square Ch 7
Mediafire | IRC: !sorairo7 | Read Online

Yay new loli character!


  1. Thanks for the new chapter.... is what i would like to say, but for some odd reason, mediafire is giving me an error message and its not showing up on batoto. -o-

  2. mediafire and batoto should both be working now

  3. Thanks for picking this up. I love Sou's art but almost all his stuff is untranslated.

  4. Thanks for the release.