Sunday, February 10, 2013

RZK H & More New Stuff

As some may have noticed, a tab has been added titled "RZK H". If it wasn't obvious enough, the H stands for "hentai". This is going to be a side group of ours which is going to be doing hentai manga. Right now the blog itself is set to private on purpose, as all I did was create it and haven't done anything else to it just yet. Releases from it are not going to be very frequent at first, as stuff from RZK will essentially take priority, but unc's been wanting to do H-manga with us, and I had considered it even before he joined us, so it was rather inevitable anyway.

First release from RZK H will be later this month sometime. There are a few things I'm interested in doing, I just gotta sit down and pinpoint what exactly I'd like to get out there first. RZK H's releases will only be hentai manga. All the ecchi and borderline H manga done here will stay here.

More New Stuff
Even more new stuff?! Are we crazy?! Yes we are, but not because of more new stuff. We were approached by the former leader of the now inactive group Wangan Scans, manic, about finishing up the work on some stuff they were doing. Normally I wouldn't be too keen on grabbing more stuff with the workload we already have, but my editing staff really, really likes doing work for some reason, and 3 of the series brought to us haven't seen a release in quite some time. So, what are we going to be finishing up for them? Conveniently, 3 of them are series we've received requests to do.

Play! Chapter 7
A-kun (17) no Sensou - I, the Tycoon? Volume 2
MuvLuv Volume 1 (what's left of it) and Volume 2
Princess wa Mimodaeru One Shot (3 chapters)

All of it has been translated, and we've been given all the raws, as well as cleans for some. We are not picking up Play, A-kun (17) or MuvLuv on a permanent basis at this time. As much as I would love to, it's not too feasible. So, after our releases of those 3 series, any group is free to pick them up and continue on with them. Assuming, down the road, that no one has picked them up once we're able to pick up more new series, then we will do them, but when that will be is unknown.


  1. A-kun (17) no Sensou - I, the Tycoon? and MuvLuv!!!
    u guys are awesome!!!
    thx alot for bringing this manga back to live!!
    thanx once again!

  2. unc's masterplan phase 2

  3. It's not called hentai manga you fucking dipshit.

  4. Jesus fucking Christ, they actually picked up the series I suggested! <3

    Thanks a lot guys. You rock. Never forget that.

  5. Or well, kind of it. But hey, a release is a release.