Sunday, September 15, 2013

Multiple Release

I had the time today, so I figured I'd get a little ahead of myself in my planned releases. So, here is a release of 4 chapters between 3 series! Chapters 19-20 of Puppy Lovers, Chapter 12 of Sexual Hunter Riot, and Chapter 9 of Sorairo Square.

Past 19-20 of Puppy Lovers, nothing else is clean or translated, so I don't know when more of that will be put out. The same goes for Sexual Hunter Riot. Sorairo Square 10 is translated, but not clean yet. That is the last chapter that we will be using unc's TL and raws. Past that, Demo will be picking up those two jobs.

Enjoy the releases!

Puppy Lovers
Chapter 19 - Mediafire | IRC: !puppy19 | Read Online
Chapter 20 - Mediafire | IRC: !puppy20 | Read Online

Sexual Hunter Riot
Chapter 12 - Mediafire | IRC: !shr12 | Read Online

I've added an MF link for SHR this time around, but it will be deleted by them at some point, so get it while it's still active.

Sorairo Square.
Chapter 9 - Mediafire | IRC: !sorairo9 | Read Online

These are the last of the releases this weekend. Next weekend will have Sore ga Kanojo no Seigi nara 19, and maybe 20. There'll probably be another series released as well, but what that will be, I don't know at the moment.


  1. thank you so much this cheered my up so much after my exam

  2. thansk!!

    where Pupper love are in japan ?

  3. Thanks for the new chapters of Puppy Lovers!

  4. Thank you for the multiple chapter release. Especially for Puppy Lovers!

  5. Why the censor on the page for Hunter? o_o

    1. We used raws from the magazine release of chapter 12. Apparently it was uncensored in the tank release of it. We didn't do anything to it.

    2. We might as well redo that chapter with the tank page for posterity. No idea when we'll get around to that though.

  6. Thank you very much~! <3

  7. When will the next release of PL be?

  8. I see in "Being Worked On" : 'Yuusha ni'

    When will the release of this be?