Friday, June 27, 2014

iShoujo Ver 1.02-1.03

While Puppy Lovers was definitely the next planned release, Yumekui Merry made its way out while I was working. Been a while since our last release, largely due to work exhaustion as well. But starting today is a 10 day break of which I will be taking full advantage of to recover, as well as get some scanlation done. To begin it, here are chapters 2 and 3, the rest of the first arc from iShoujo. These snuck up due to the redraws being completed, and roan translating them quicker than I anticipated.

Enjoy the releases!

IRC: !ishoujo2 | Read Online
IRC: !ishoujo3 | Read Online

Quite sadly, Itoshi no Karin is absent from this month's Kirara Forward. And unsurprisingly, No Game No Life is as well from Comic Alive. Puppy Lovers will be coming up next, most likely tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for the new chapters!

  2. Thanks a lot for the new chapters!! :)

  3. Can't wait for Puppy Lovers. Thnx

  4. Thanks for the chapters

  5. Thank you for the iShoujo chapters!

  6. Any chance the magazine decided to axe Itoshi no Karin

    1. I very, very highly doubt it. It was listed as absent in the ToC, and there's nothing on Horiizumi's blog or twitter. Not to mention the mangaka would be given chapter(s) to end the series, rather than just cutting it off at chapter 14. Manga Time Kirara Forward and monthly magazines in generally aren't really axe happy either, like WSJ is.