Thursday, June 26, 2014

Yumekui Merry Chapter 71

Well then. That worked out nicely (in that we're about 2 months late, wheeee).

Demo here. I recently started working full-time as the manager of a section of a country club, and we're doing a large functional overhaul as we perform our usual work, which consumes much of my time. Doesn't help that we're understaffed, causing me to work even more hardcore hours--my first two weeks in business were between 60 and 70 hours, and I hope never to have to do that again.

But yeah, enjoy. I'm translating chapter 72 tonight along with several other chapters, so hopefully the next few weeks should involve more frequent releases.

Joint with DKThias.

IRC: I forgot how to upload to the bot; Jag or Derek will help with that hopefully Figured it out. !merry71 | Read Online | Mediafire courtesy of DKThias

Bonus! I burned myself on a grill on Wednesday last week. See what it looked like on the following day below:


  1. Nobody cares about your shitty life.

  2. Thanks a lot for the new chapter!! :)

  3. Thanks for the release. Sounds rough with work. We appreciate you taking the time to translate even when your busy with RL.