Monday, June 2, 2014

Itoshi no Karin Episode 14

Here's the latest Karin. Though, most people have most likely already read it, since for some reason some one/people decided to start doing the series for seemingly no reason. As I've said before, the series is one of my personal favorites, as is the mangaka. While we're probably not going to be faster scanlation-wise because we don't get our raws immediately, we will continue bringing Karin to everyone like we have for the past 7 months.

Enjoy the release!

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Work has kept me away from home more than usual this past month, and it'll continue for another week before finally going back to normal for at least the foreseeable future. Even when I am at home I spend most of it recuperating from work and doing other things I need to, so releases just haven't been out there no where near what I'd like. Puppy Lovers 23 & 24 will be the next release, and near that Saikin Imouto 9, but I can't say for sure when exactly they'll be out. Original plan was this past weekend but that didn't happen, and I don't know if I'd have the time this upcoming weekend either.

We've got a bunch of stuff on the cusp of being released, just needing one or two things done. Kashiwagi 56, DanMachi 14, Hentai Ouji 27-27.1, iShoujo 2-4, SHR 14, among others. Work is also being done on Nozomi x Kimio 1-2 (20-21). Once I actually get back to regular weekends, releases will start to be the normal 2+ a weekend instead of 0-1.


  1. Thanks a lot for the new chapter!! :)

  2. Wow so someone else did Karin. Wondered. Yay Nozomi x Kimio!

  3. Many thanks for the release!

  4. Thanks a lot for this chapter. I pretty much prefer your version, so please keep up your great work.
    Don't worry about being busy. Guess we all know life can be tough, work included, so just take your time. We'll be glad for every chapter you present us. Looking forward to some updates sometime in the future. Up till then all the very best.

  5. Some of our staff wanted to read the next chapter, so they did their own version. Our policy is "anything our staff scanlates gets released", even if another group is doing it. There's no evil conspiracy here. Sorry for any confusion. Thanks for your work on this series.

  6. Your version is better and this solves the mystery why i saw chapter 14 out elsewhere but not posted here lol

    weird thing to do,translating sth already being translated

  7. We like you guys better.

  8. I know how you feel, your group release Karin for 7 month then one day other group(s) do chapter 13&14.
    And I understand other group(s) feeling too, they've read it and like it so much so they want to spread their feeling to others. This is not anyone fault, everyone do this because they love Karin so much.